The TRW-115 sprayer will reduce spray time by 75% and has several features that have not previously been readily available in the organic gardening/hydroponics market.

  • Standard Models available featuring a 15, 25 or 60 gallon tank with a sump drain

  • High-pressure diaphragm pump powered by a 115 volt electrical cord or a 12V battery

  • 50 feet of braided PVC hose with quick connect fittings for ease in draining the line and coiling the hose between uses

  • Adjustable heavy-duty orchard spray gun with auto shut-off trigger function which prevents excess pressure building up in the hose, provides drip-free shut-off and insures immediate dispensing of solution when spraying is resumed

  • 18” wand with a solid brass nozzle that delivers a gentle, full-cone spray pattern extending 12-15 feet beyond the tip of the wand

  • Inter-changeable nozzle tips carefully selected to provide the most effective throw length, spray pattern and droplet size for indoor or outdoor gardening

  • Scientifically field tested by Dr. Elaine Ingham and shown to apply living microbes and fungi strands with no shearing or damage from impact on foliage

  • Compact Unit 15 gallon unit measures 21”w x 36”l x 24” h, including the steel cart which has 10” pneumatic wheels and a padded handle with 180 degree turning radius for easy maneuvering

  • Special Order Options: 25 gallon & 60 gallon tanks; 100 ft hose; heavy duty carts for towing the unit with an ATV, Spray Kits for use with large stationary tanks; units with 2 hoses and 2 spray guns, and Deep Root Injectors.

All these components are Commercial Ag quality and there is a 1-Year Warranty

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