The TRW-115 sprayer was designed by a serious gardener to provide other gardeners with   

·      superior coverage

·      unparalleled ease of use

·      multi-season durability, and

·      the adaptability that only commercial agricultural components can deliver.


The Gro-King TRW will transform spraying from a cumbersome, time-consuming chore into a pleasant and efficient process. The whisper-quiet operation, 12-15 foot throw, gentle full-cone spray pattern, thorough blow-thru and complete coverage this unit delivers will amaze the first-time user.


Spraying with a TRW will provide full coverage, use noticeably less solution and significantly reduce spraying time. Its powerful electric pump eliminates the noise and toxic fumes created by gas-engine backpacks. Tiresome hand-pumping, frequent tank refills and climbing ladders will no longer be required to keep your garden flourishing.


Whether your garden is large or small, indoor or outdoor, equipped with electricity or “off-the-grid”, the TRW’s design options and high-quality, low cost accessories make it easy to choose an ideal combination of features.


All Gro-King components are commercial quality and carry a one year limited Warranty.


Properly maintained, a TRW-115 should provide many years of trouble-free and cost-effective service.