Cannabis Growers

Cannabis is a unique and sensitive crop. Regardless of tank size or custom features, all of our Gro-King sprayers produce:


• Full-cone spray pattern

• 12-15 ft. throw length

• Large droplets that effectively disperse micro-organisms

• Spray gentle enough for seedlings & young plants

• Adequate blow-thru to penetrate canopy and provide full-coverage of trunk, stems and back of leaves


Gro-King sprayers reduce spray time by 75% on average

In mid-season field tests, where plants were 10 ft. on-center and 6-8 ft. tall, 15 gallons provided full-coverage of 8,000 sq. ft. in 50-60 minutes. In end-of-season testing of the same 8,000 sq. ft. plot, with plants now 12-14 ft. tall, 25 gallons provided full-coverage to runoff in approximately 1 hr. 30 minutes, without the use of ladders.


Product Spotlight

MendoDope Demo


Watch this video feature of the Gro-King sprayer in use at a licensed cannabis garden in California, USA.