Nozzle Kits

All Nozzle Kits have standard tips and are fully inter-changeable with our Long & Short Guns.

DISCLAIMER: These nozzles are not safe for applying solutions containing live microbes & fungi strands.

Outdoor Kit

The nozzles in this Kit have beencarefully selected to provide three additional spray patterns that are finer than the spray that comes standard with the Long Gun. These tips are recommended for outdoor use.  

  • Smaller spray or "throw" pattern
  • Finer droplet size
  • Highly durable Acetyl Polymer body & Ceramic core
  • "Light" tip is  deal for “dusting” foliage when “saturation to run-off” is not desirable
    • Example: high nitrogen solutions


Indoor Kit

The nozzles in this Kit have been carefully selected to provide three additional extra- fine spray patterns. They can be used with either spray gun, and are recommended for indoor use. 



  • Smallest spray or "throw" pattern 
  • Finest droplet size
  • Highly durable Acetyl Polymer body & Ceramic core
  • "Super fine" & "fine" tips are not practical for outdoor use

Please allow 1 week from the date your order is confirmed by Gro-King, for Nozzle Kits to ship.


Clean your sprayer & accessories after every use.


To assist owners of the TRW-115 in maintaining the sprayer’s performance, and protecting their rights under our Warranty, Gro-King sells Neutralizer, an effective granular cleaning agent that allows the TRW-115 to be used for spraying both pesticides and nutrients, without cross-contamination. 


Leaving solutions of any kind (nutrients, pesticides or compost teas) in the sprayer between uses, may:

  • Result in cross-contamination between nutrients & pesticides
  • Allow build-up of bio-film
  • Damage the pump’s diaphragm and clog the internal parts of the spray gun extension 
  • Viton parts can become brittle & crack  
  • Void the Warranty 

Regular cleaning will extend the life of your equipment and improve performance by:

  • Restoring internal surfaces to 7.0 Ph
  • Keeping Viton diaphragm & spray gun parts moist & supple


Please allow 1 week from the date your order is confirmed by Gro-King, for Neutralizer to ship.


Gro-King recommends using a deep-cycle 12V Battery with the TRW-115 sprayer or the 12V Spray Kit. 


Automotive batteries are designed to provide an initial “jolt” of current for the sole purpose of starting a motor. Deep-cycle batteries are manufactured to provide a steady source of current to actually operate small equipment for a substantial number of hours at a time. 



  • 3 Hrs. “pull-the-trigger” time per fully charged battery 


  • 6” x 4”
  • 12 lbs. 


  • Use only a low-speed charger 1-3 amps/hr.
  • Recharges fully overnight


Please allow 1 week from the date your order is confirmed by Gro-King, for Battery to ship.