About Our Sprayers

The TRW-115 was designed by a serious gardener to provide other gardeners with superior coverage, unparalleled ease of use, multi-season durability and the adaptability that only commercial agricultural components can deliver.


Whether your garden is large or small, indoor or outdoor, equipped with electricity or “off-the-grid”, the TRW’s design options and high-quality, low cost accessories make it easy to choose an ideal combination of features. 

 Performance Results


 Operators consistently report that the TRW-115:

  • Provides superior coverage.
  • Reduces spraying time by as much as 75%.
  • Uses less solution than atomizers and other sprayers.
  • The whisper quiet pump eliminates the noise & fumes produced by gas engine units.
  • The TRW's mobility reduces the physical strain associated with carrying backpack sprayers and atomizers.
  • The 12-15 foot throw produced by the long gun makes climbing ladders unnecessary.
  • The 15 gallon tank eliminates the annoyance of frequent refilling.
  • The availability of long or short spray guns and a variety of nozzle tips allows operators to adapt the TRW-115 to function effectively in both outdoor and indoor gardens.
  • The use of commercial grade components provides multi-season equipment lifespan and insures the availability of replacement components beyond the warranty period. 


The low-surface-energy of the TRW’s polyethylene tank is highly resistant to chemical absorption and adhesion, making it possible to safely switch between nutrients and pesticides without cross-contamination.  It is essential to clean the sprayer AT THE END OF EACH USE, by flushing the tank, pump, hose & spray gun with Neutralizer, carefully following the directions in the Operation Guide / Neutralizer label.


In-Line Filter Basket

Attached to uptake hose inside tank; threaded fitting for easy cleaning. Mesh is fine enough to protect pump and spray gun from particles common to organic solutions, but large enough to allow live micro-organisms/fungi strands to pass through the system without damage.

Diaphragm Pump 

Both the 115V AC powered and the 12V battery-operated pumps are equipped with an on-demand switch, which prevents excess pressure from building up in the hose when the spray gun trigger is released, and extends battery life.


It is NOT recommended that any pump be allowed to “dry-cycle”. However, should this accidentally occur, the TRW’s high-quality pump will automatically shut off, before it overheats. Once a pump returns to ambient temperature, it will automatically start up again. These pumps are exceptionally quiet when in operation. Extra care should be taken to ensure that they are switched off when not in use.


Organic Solutions & Hum Teas

Increasingly, gardeners are using nutrient solutions that contain live microbes and delicate fungi strands. Because the TRW-115 is equipped with a diaphragm pump (both plug-in and battery operated models) it will not destroy the living organisms in hum-teas and other organic solutions.

Spray Gun 

Both the long and short versions of the corrosion-resistant aluminum spray gun are equipped with an adjustable, locking trigger so operators can pre-set the trigger pull-depth and automatically return to a preferred setting.


Long Gun

The long gun comes with an 18” extension. The extension’s internal parts have been engineered to keep it full of fluid to the nozzle tip after the trigger is released and the auto-shut off switch is activated. This insures drip-free shut off and provides immediate dispensing of solution when the trigger is depressed to resume spraying.


This gun comes standard with a stainless steel core/disc assembly and will provide 12-15 feet of horizontal throw beyond the nozzle tip, in a solid cone pattern. The texture of the spray is very similar to that produced by small atomizers, but the coverage is far superior because the blow-thru is produced by fluid rather than air. The pressure of the spray pattern is just strong enough to lift foliage so both the top and underside of leaves as well as stems and branches in the center of the canopy, can be saturated without changing the spray gun position. The spray is also gentle enough that it will not damage young plants. Simply stepping back and lifting the angle of the spray gun allows an operator to achieve vertical throw of approximately 12 feet beyond the nozzle tip, and facilitates saturation of top foliage without the use of a ladder. The long gun is recommended for outdoor use. Nozzle Kit #1 contains additional nozzle tips that are also recommended for outdoor use.


Short Gun

The short spray gun comes standard with the "light spray" polymer nozzle, and is recommended for indoor use. Nozzle Kit #2 contains additional nozzle tips that produce relatively short spray patterns with much finer droplet sizes that are also recommended for indoor use. 

Nozzles & Spray Patterns

In addition to the standard hardened stainless steel disc/core assembly, Gro-King sells two Kits of carefully selected polymer nozzles tips for use with the TRW-115. These tips produce a shorter throw, and a variety of spray patterns with much finer droplet sizes.


All nozzle tips are interchangeable and can be used with either the long or short gun.


The steel cart is rated for loads up to 800 lbs and has a padded handle with a 180 degree turning radius which gives excellent maneuverability when moving from one row to another. The 10” pneumatic tires provide smooth handling on uneven surfaces.


Once the sprayer line has been purged of air and is full of solution, the top-mounted PVC hose will not kink. If the sprayer is placed in the center of an area to be sprayed, the 50’ hose can be pulled out to its full length in any direction, creating a total reach of 100 feet.