Technical Specifications -TRW-115 Sprayer  


15 gallon corrosion-resistant polyethylene tank with sump drain.



  • Plug-In Model - 115V AC high-pressure, diaphragm pump with on-demand switch.
  • Battery-operated Model - 12V high-pressure, diaphragm pump with on demand switch; wiring kit to connect to battery included. Battery sold separately.

Spray Guns

  • Long Gun  - Corrosion-resistant aluminum spray gun w/18” extension,  adjustable, locking trigger and stainless steel core/disc.
  • Short Gun - Corrosion-resistant aluminum spray gun, adjustable, locking trigger, no extension and polymer nozzle tip.


Solid Cone Spray Pattern is standard; a variety of additional nozzle tips are available. Sold separately.



50 feet of 3/8” braided PVC line.



Steel cart w/10" pneumatic wheels & easy-turn handle, 800 lb. load limit.


Quick-Connect Fitting

Corrosion-resistant solid brass.


In-Line Filter Basket

Attached to uptake hose inside tank; threaded fitting for easy cleaning. Mesh is fine enough to protect pump and spray gun from particles common to organic solutions, but large enough to allow live micro-organisms/fungi strands to pass through the system without damage.