Spray Guns

These heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant aluminum spray guns are available in two sizes; long and short. Both Versions are equipped with an adjustable, locking trigger so operator can pre-set the trigger pull-depth and automatically return to their preferred setting.

Long Gun

The Long Gun comes with an 18” extension. The extension’s internal parts have been engineered to keep it full of fluid to the nozzle tip after the trigger is released and the auto shut-off switch is activated. This insures drip-free shut-off and provides immediate dispensing of solution when the trigger is depressed to resume spraying.


This gun comes standard with a stainless-steel core/disc assembly and provides 12-15 feet of horizontal throw beyond the nozzle tip, in a solid-cone spray pattern. The texture of the spray is very similar to that produced by small atomizers, but the coverage is far superior because the blow-thru is produced by fluid rather than air. The pressure of the spray is just strong enough to lift foliage so both the top and underside of leaves as well as stems and branches in the center of the plant canopy, can be saturated without changing the spray gun position. The spray is also gentle enough that it will not damage young plants.  Simply stepping back and lifting the tip of the gun allows an operator to achieve vertical throw of approximately 12 feet beyond the nozzle tip, and facilitates saturation of top foliage without the use of a ladder. The Long Gun is recommended for outdoor use. Nozzle Kit #1 contains additional nozzle tips that are also recommended for outdoor use.

Short Gun

The Short Gun is a design option intended to provide indoor/greenhouse gardeners with the mobility to spray easily in small, tight spaces without sacrificing the effectiveness and durability of commercial quality equipment. This gun comes standard with the “light spray” polymer nozzle. Nozzle Kit #2 contains additional nozzle tips that are recommended for indoor use.



Spray Guns are not sold separately. They must be purchased as a component of either a Standard Model Sprayer or a Spray Kit.